Heyah urban game

Miejska Rozgrywka - ŚciankaMieMiejska Rozgrywka - quadyMiejska Rozgrywka - EkipaMiejska RozgrywkaMiejska RozgrywkaMiejska Rozgrywka - EkipaMiejska RozgrywkaMiejska Rozgrywka - ŚciankaMiejska Rozgrywka - Ścianka
  • CLIENT: Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (Polish Telecom)
  • NAME OF THE PROJECT: Heyah „Miejska Rozgrywka”
  • CHARACTERISTICS: series of events, urban games
  • TARGET GROUP: Young people under 25 years of age, middle-class residents of large cities. Secondary or higher education. Familiar with the latest technologies (mobile phones, internet, IT equipment)
  • AIM:  Promoting Heyah brand (creating emotional bond between Heyah and target group, encouraging as many people to join the Heyah bran, building a cohesive image of youth brand associated with fun)
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: The feature of the project was an original screenplay – has not been organized yet another concert or a show, but the action of involving young people in which they participated not as passive spectators but as its creators and active participants.